[Story Time 1]: Transfered my domain to Cloudflare and using Posthaven for blog

It's 11AM and my sleep schedule is still messed up. It's flip over, I'm awake whole night and sleeping whole day. So general anxiety made me do this.

This is how it started, I was sitting around thinking of starting a blog again. Ended up researching checking bunch of blogs e.t.c, I wanted something very simple no headache where I just post and that's it. At the end, I ended up at the best example/benchmark of Paul Graham's blog: https://paulgraham.com

Then I asked ChatGPT of a simple example of a markdown based html blog. that was still a bit complex to host and run. I want something that has 0 vendor risk too of content lock or if they shutdown. By that I remembered a Garry tan's post about a platform that exists similar for that purpose: Posthaven

So I checked a bit about it, and it looked solid from outside. I love the simplicity in the messaging and no flashy look. Also the post by email interests me.

Then I searched a bit on reddit, I always search "XYZ reddit" to know what people have to say about it. Didn't found much info, but it was nice to read some thoughts about the forever alive pledge. After that I wanted to see who uses Posthaven currently, any popular blogs? At first search, found out Sam Altman (OpenAI) is using it: https://blog.samaltman.com/

I was sold! Sign up done, and now I'm writing my first post in editor that you're reading :)

Here comes the next thing that I can't help but notice, both Sam and PG has their full name as their domain. My domain is: justaashir.com
I never checked if my full name aashirkhan.com is available or not. So I ended up searching and found out it's available. I took it as a sign, even though I may not use it. I need to own my full name as the domain. So I ended up buying it.

I always used Godaddy until now, but as I was using Posthaven for the reliability and I knew Godaddy has a really bad reputation overall, which made me think what is the most trustable reliable company right now. and Cloudflare just rings the bell. I also needed some redirect rules and some of my friends also use Cloudflare for DNS. it's a popular choice.

I registered a domain at Cloudflare, one of the best experiences. and very simple. non clunky. and I also ended up transfering my second domain from Godaddy. The transfer process was new for me. and it takes upto 5 days to complete the transfer, and ~$10. 
But cloudflare was smooth, it auto detected my DNS records. set them up without any downtime while pointing nameservers and now transfer will be complete.

This is it! Looking forward to write more small stories, and proper posts.