Best Free Analytics Tool for Personal Use

It's not a long post. Below are the listed reasons why you maybe reading this post:

  • You're fed up of Google Analytics cluttered UI and want something calm and simple.
  • You're moving to a privacy-focused alternative, with no tracking cookies
  • You want something lightweight but still fine, and options like Plausible, SimpleAnalytics, Fathom have basic free or only paid plans

If you're hosting your website on Vercel or Netlify. It's better to use their built in analytics. and don't add another new tool and create a mess.

If you're paying for Cloudflare Pro already, Cloudflare Web Analytics are great and just works.

If none of the above, Try LiteAnalytics. I found them simple to use and generous with their free plan. They allow 10k pageviews/month for free. Check out their example demo dashboard here.

Before that I used to like and prefer Splitbee, until it was acquired by Vercel and merged in.